Tuesday, March 31 2009 @ 06:03 AM UTC

A snowy night! Congratulations to the eight scouts who stuck it out this past weekend. You build character when you are challenged and succeed. We can all learn from our successes and failures.

The scouts who stayed learned to dress properly for the weather. They put their rain gear on, they had extra dry socks, they did not go wading in the creek. They did not stand in the cold wet rain in shorts, tennis shoes, and a light jacket shivering. Besides having the right gear and clothing you have to use it. You have to behave in a resposible way. You can not get your only boots wet in the creek and expect to stay warm. On our backpacking trip this weekend you will not be calling MOM to come pick you up because there is not good cell service on the trail, especially at Blackberry Hollow where we will spend the night. We will only have the gear and clothes in our packs. I will not be able to bring extra gloves, ponchos and sleeping bags.
You will need to "BE PREPARED". Your behavior on the trail must be responsible. You can not jump in the creek because the boots on your feet will be your only ones.
Those who stayed learned our tents when loaded with heavy wet snow will collapse, but pop right back up when you shake off the snow. They also woke up to a beautifull scene in the morning. I hope those who went home early will also pop back up and meet this next challenge.
Like the fishermans story about his fish, that 3 inch snow will be a foot deep when they tell this strory to their children.
Good Scouting,
Marc Menteer

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