Tuesday, April 07 2009 @ 01:04 AM UTC

GREAT BACKPACKING TRIP. We could not have ordered better weather. The
scouts met the challenge. Congratulations to all who went, I wish more of our older scouts would have gone.

We started out on a beautiful spring afternoon any warmer and we we have been sweating. Although we did not have a long distance to travel it was not all down hill. We did not make camp at Blackberry Hollow as another troop was planning to camp there also. We stopped for the night on the ridge before descending into the hollow. Although windy it could not have been nicer. No one ran out of water and everyone but Alex enjoyed his dinner.
Mr. Schnurbusch even fried some catfish fillets. Only a small fire due to the windy conditions. Early to bed and it only rained as we slept. Morning was dry for breakfast and our hike out. We made 11am Mass andreplaced the incense smell with the smoke from the campfire. GOOD JOB SCOUTS. You kept up a good pace and set camp up like real pros. Breaking camp went just as well. Other than getting Mr. Marin out of the sack before noon.

Lets do this again but go a little farther next time.

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Saint Simon Scouts #161