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    OA Fall Reunion    
    Wednesday, September 11 2013 @ 01:54 AM UTC

    Troop News

    Order of the Arrow
    Shawnee Lodge Fall Reunion
    S-F Camporee Field
    September 6-8, 2012

    Troop 161 arrived at the OA Fall Reunion at S bar F Friday evening about 6:00pm. We began the evening by setting up camp and preparing for the next day. Sean L. Eric O. Max K. Ben B. and Allen S. attended the event.

    Saturday: Our OA candidates (Sean L. Eric O. Ben B.) began the day at around 6:30 am preparing to meet around 1000 OA candidates to perform their cheerful service project in order to receive their rank of Ordeal. Max K. and Allen S. were elangomats and led a group of OA candidates to complete one of their requirements for Brotherhood.

    Their job was to clear brush, rake leaves, trim trees, and remove trash from several areas at S-F. It was a very hot day. The temperature was around 98 degrees. The scouts worked very hard and achieved their goal of cleaning and removing a large amount of debris from their assigned area.

    Max K., and Allen, S. who were in charge of another team were responsible to clean and remove trash and debris from a fence line that collapsed and needed to be cleared and fixed. The boys worked hard during the day and completed about a mile of the fence line.

    (Click on "Read More" below to see more text and photos.)

    The boys returned around 2:30 pm tired but very proud of the work they did, because of their admonition they remained silent and rested until dinner.

    As customary, the boys joined around 1800 scouts and leaders for a delicious meal of pulled pork sandwiches, chips, cookies, ice cream, and bbq beans.

    Mr. D. Sean, Allen, Max, Ben, and Eric, gathered at 7:00 pm at the Gravois Trail OA tent and proceeded to the ceremony for Sean, Ben, and Eric to receive their sashes and were welcomed to the rank of Ordeal member.

    Mr. Cain and Chris came down to see how we were doing. Mr. Cain broke out his new camera and with the assistance of his son Chris took some exceptional pictures……………………..well Chris did, Mr. Cain was busy reading the directions.

    At 9:00 pm Mr. DiMercurio and Allen departed from the Gravois Trail OA tent and proceeded for Allen’s Brotherhood ceremony. On our return the camp was empty and Allen asked Mr. D, "Did the boys go to the movie?" On further examination and some VERY loud snoring from a tent our three Ordeal members were tucked in and sound asleep.

    Sunday: we work up early and began to prepare for 8:30 am mass. We returned from mass and broke down camp. Because of a great weekend, the boys were treated to a hot breakfast at McDonalds by Mr. D .

    Special thanks to Mr. Shorey, and Mr. Lamb for helping Mr. D get the trailer back in the new St. Simon garage.

    (Special thanks to Mr. DiMercurio for providing the leadership for this Reunion, providing the text and photos for this article.)

    Some nature photos from Madison County taken Saturday with the "new camera".
    A broadhead skink relaxing on a hot afternoon.
    Bald-faced hornet nest.
    Common Pokeweed
    All parts of common pokeweed are toxic to humans, pets and livestock.
    Roots are the most poisonous, leaves and stems are intermediate in toxicity (toxicity increases with maturity), and berries are the least toxic.
    Research with humans has also shown that common pokeweed can cause mutations (possibly leading to cancer) and birth defects.
    Since the juice of pokeweed can be absorbed through the skin, contact of plant parts with bare skin should be avoided.
    Shortleaf Pine
    Tall Tickseed
    Shagbark Hickory
    One more photo of our OA elangomats Max and Allen.

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