Scout Camp 2014

Monday, June 16 2014 @ 12:02 AM UTC

Camp Famous Eagle
S-F Ranch
June 8th - 14th, 2014

What a great Scout camp and I want to thank the following for their hard work, dedication and contributions: Billy Lamb, Brad Sadl, Ken Boning, Jim Hoffmann, Ned Kriegshauser, Matt Shively, Ed Blittschau, and the parents who allowed us to have a fun week with your boys and hopefully made them a bit wiser.

Congratulations to our new OA members: Ken Boning, Jon F., Nick W., Nathan B., and Luke G.; remember you have to attend the Fall OA reunion to complete Ordeal and begin your journey towards Brotherhood.

To our Voyagers: Andrew S., Jacob B., Brandon D., and Daniel B., you young men rocked and though each and every one of you demonstrated youth beyond your years, a hats off to Brandon who went from beginner swimmer to a full-fledged swimmer.

The older Scouts: David B., Nick B., Michael N., Ryan D., and Conner G. thanks for being an invaluable source of experience and leading by example itís a direct result from the many years our great leadership from our present and past leaders you represent our Troop in fine fashion.

All of our Scouts, young and old proved and showed the many leaders, and Scouts during the week we were there nothing short of professionalism, pride, and tremendous respect to the staff, other troops, and leaders what Troop 161 is all about. I saw during the week how our young men interacted with one another, worked with the younger Scouts and helped them earn rank advancement, watched out for them, provided guidance, and led by example.

I also want to acknowledge and congratulate Joe H. and Rory B.; our two wild men who took the challenge and set off for a week of Ranger Camp; in true fashion they returned on Friday afternoon with many battle scars, didnít shower, and many excellent stories during their week at the Ranch.

We have a fine tradition dating back to 1959 when our Scouting program began and because of the true dedication of both past and present leaders we continue to produce many Eagle Scouts and that is a direct result of our leadership, program and dedication we provide to our troop. Over the past several years we have and continue to prove that by the number of Eagle Scouts that have completed that trek; though they were not there this past Summer Camp I want to thank Marc Menteer, Larry Cain, Andy Sandroni, Don Schnurbusch, Darren Strebler, and Amy Cain for their love, dedication and commitment. Though you were not there physically your presence was felt.


John P. DiMercurio

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