Operation Clean Stream Canoe Float and Campout

Thursday, August 28 2014 @ 12:17 AM UTC

Onondaga Cave State Park
Leasburg, MO
August 23 & 24, 2014

7 scouts and 3 adults attended the campout Saturday at Onondaga State Park. On Sunday 15 scouts and 10 adults attended the 5 mile Operation Cleanstream canoe float. The weekend weather was warm and humid with high temperatures hovering at 99 degrees and low temperatures falling to only 80 degrees. The float trip and stream cleanup went well. Here are the highlights:

Number of tires recovered: 6

Team to find first tire: Mr. Berron & Mr. Strebler

Team to find most tires: A two way tie between [Mr. Berron & Mr. Strebler] and [Nick B and Alex S]. Each team recovered 2 tires each. However it should be mentioned that Nick and Alex also recovered an assortment of scrap metal items.

Team to recover most unusual trash item: Michael N and Andrew S found a strange looking …. garden statue?

Number of Mallad ducks joining the float: 2

One more for the books: Mr. John D. managed to finish the float without capsizing!!!

Thanks to all the scouts, adults and leaders who attended. Special thanks to all who survived the overnight campout / sauna. Thanks to Onondaga State park, Open Space Council, Missouri Stream Team and Ozark Outdoors for their help and services to make this such a great outing.

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