Cabin Camp!

Wednesday, February 11 2015 @ 03:05 AM UTC

Cabin Camp
Lonedell, MO
Feb 6-8, 2015

We had a great time at our annual Cabin Campout at Camp MacClosson in Lonedell, MO. We arrived at around 7:00pm and began to unpack and fire up the wood burning stoves.

We awoke around 7am and began the day with Chiefs [Chefs? Great Googly Moogly! - See editor’s note below] Rory Butler and Alex Strebler preparing a very delicious breakfast of French toast, sausage, scrambled eggs, milk and juice. Many of the boys brought board games but one that was used the most was Daniel Blittschau’s Monopoly game which featured no money but credit cards. Daniel, seemed to be the master of this game winning many of the games with his “Donald Trump” mastery.

We ate lunch around 1:00pm which consisted of cold cuts, cheese, chips, pickles, cookies and our famous “bug juice” that is Kool-Aid.

Many of the scouts and adults enjoyed a beautiful day which reached in the 70’s. Our own Alex Strebler brought several of his electronic boats that he took to the lake and demonstrated his mastery of both speed and maneuvering.

As the sun set we began dinner which was prepared by our Scoutmaster John DiMercurio; he made his world famous family recipe of pasta, meatballs, cheese garlic bread and homemade gravy……………that’s spaghetti sauce to those non Italians…………

Sunday morning we got up early (6:30am) to clean up and pack. We headed back to St. Simon and attended 9:00am mass and helped out for Donut Sunday; which Troop 161 sponsored for the parishioners of St. Simon.

Those who attended: Daniel Q, Daniel B., Jon F., Nathan B., Andrew S., Alex S., Luke G., Rory B., Brandan D.

Leaders and adults: John DiMercurio, Tom Dlugos, Ken Boning, Darren Strebler.

Also - Thanks to all the folks who helped with the Scouts’ Donut Sunday, especially those who set-up at 6:00am and cleaned-up afterward.

John P. DiMercurio

Editor’s note - (Great Googly Moogly! ... A nostalgic exclamation of surprise and disgust, typically uttered by the groundskeeper after painting the name "Chefs" on the end zone of a Kansas City NFL football stadium. – 1997 Snickers commercial…"Hey that's Great! But who are the Chefs?")

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