Operation Clean Stream Canoe Float

Monday, August 31 2015 @ 01:57 AM UTC

Operation Cleanstream
Upper Meramec River
August 23, 2015

On Sunday, August 23, 11 scouts and 9 adults attended the 5 mile Operation Cleanstream canoe float. The weather Sunday started mostly cloudy with a light mist at first but soon became clear and sunniy with a high temperature of about 80. The float trip and stream cleanup went well. Here are the highlights:

Number of tires recovered: 2

Team to find first tire: Allen and Max

Largest tire to be recovered: Maria

Most unusual item recovered: Alex and Rory - Quikshade style tent frame

Most unusual skull / animal parts: Mr Menteer's find - Some kind of mammal skull.

Number of capsized canoes: 2

Most scouts in one canoe: 4 - Rory, Alex, Max, Allen

Most scouts to capsize in one canoe: 4 (see most scouts in one canoe)

Thanks to all the scouts, adults and leaders who attended. Thanks to Open Space Council, Missouri Stream Team and Ozark Outdoors for their help and services to make this another great outing.

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