Operation Cleanstream

Thursday, August 17 2017 @ 09:32 PM UTC

Operation Cleanstream
Meramec River, Walkers Ford to the Bluff
Ozark Outdoors, Leasburg, MO
August 13, 2017

Thanks to our Venture Crew, Scouts, their families and friends for participating in Operation Cleanstream at Ozark Outdoors. Thanks also to our guests, Stream Team veterans Debbie and Stacy for joining us. This year is special because it marks the 50th year anniversary of Operation Cleanstream, first started in 1967. This is the 8th consecutive year our scouts have covered the "Walkers Ford to Bluffs" section.

Over the last several years trash was becoming harder to find. This year was an exception though with more trash and tires collected than any previous year. This is probably contributed to the recent record Meramec floods of 2015 & 2017.

The float was very nice, the weather was very pleasant and the river very clear. Trash collected included a dishwasher, tractor tire, truck tire, 17 passenger car tires, car parts, barbed wire, a wagon, lawn chairs and several trash bags full of smaller debris. Unusual items found were a rodent skull and a Grateful Dead "Shakedown Street" road sign.

Thanks to Ozark Outdoors, Bear, Tera and their staff for coordinating the Upper Meramec Watershed for this great event! Thanks also for providing breakfast, canoes, equipment, shuttle service and trash disposal as well!

Thanks to Missouri Stream Team for providing the T-shirts, first aid kits, gloves, trash bags and a state-wide network of Stream Team volunteers.

And... Thanks to the Open Space Council for the leadership, financial support and coordination of their signature project!
Congratulations on 50 years of Operation Cleanstream!

For more photos of Operation Cleanstream, click on "Read More" below.
Be sure to check out the float map, with a few of our favorite landmarks.

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