Sandstone Canyon Trail Hike

Sunday, January 14 2018 @ 04:12 AM UTC

Sandstone Canyon Trail Hike
Don Robinson State Park
Cedar Hill, MO
January 13, 2018

Thanks to everyone who attended the Sandstone Canyon Trail Hike at Don Robinson State Park. The day was partly sunny with temperatures that held in the teens and twenties.

Don Robinson State Park is a new 818 acre State Park that opened to the public in 2017. The area is in the upper watershed of the high quality stream Labarque Creek and features beautiful sandstone box canyons, cliffs, glades, surrounded by upland and bottomland forests. It was Don Robinson's wish that upon his death (2012) that his property be donated to the Missouri Park System to be enjoyed by all visitors.

Click on "Read More" below to see more photos of the Sandstone Canyon Trail Hike.

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